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We are an Engineering, Procurement and Construction company specialising in Solar Energy, Transmission line injection Substation, distribution equipment supply and installation, importation and installation of offshore machinery/equipment and provision of foreign technical expertise beyond what is available locally.
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Q-Tech is a Meter Asset Provider approved by NERC, providing meter solutions to DISCOs such as IBEDC, AEDC, and EEDC. Read more.

Solar Energy

Discover our solar solutions, from off-grid mini-grids to commercial rooftop solutions and end-to-end services. Read more.

Electrical Construction

Q-tech offers turnkey solutions for transmission and distribution construction, including sub-stations, SCADA, and LV reticulation. Read more.

Revenue Protection

Q-tech offers a comprehensive smart AMI prepaid solution for utilities, including standalone, centralized, and distributed site solutions, complying with STS and DLMS/COSEM standards. Read more.


Q-tech Academy offers flexible and affordable engineering training and certifications in SAP, Project Management, Safety, and Energy and Power Systems Engineering. Read more.

Project Management

Q-tech provides multidisciplinary project management and consulting services to help clients across sectors meet the rising demand for power and create a sustainable world. Read more.

Regulations & Standards

Unmatchable High-Level Quality Control

At Q-tech, we ensure unmatchable high-level quality control by adhering to both national and international regulations and standards. Our commitment to compliance ensures that our clients receive exceptional services and products.

Partnerships & Affiliations

Our strategic Partnerships make us formidable

Q-tech Nigeria Limited has established strategic partnerships with leading academic and industry organizations, allowing us to deliver the best solutions to our clients.
These partnerships make us a formidable force in the energy, engineering, and consulting sectors.

Get high-quality electronic and electrical solutions for your organization with us - your ultimate destination.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we Buy Meters differently from you?

You can if you are within the franchise zones of Abuja, Ibadan and Kano Electricity Distribution companies. You can also purchase from us if you are metering a large number of customersand distributing power to them. For example, a real estate might decide to provide power as a service to its residents.

Do you provide Funding for projects?

Yes we do, We provide funding under the right conditions. We are able to provide equity or debt funding depending on the kind of projects and the bankable warranties available.

Does Solar PV really work?

We have a lot of successful stories with Solar PV projects. We offer a wide range of solutions. Our solutions are carefully and precisely provided to ensure successful delivery.
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