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Q-tech was founded and registered in January 1990, and ever since it has led the vanguard in design and manufacturing of various industrial equipment, by using modern digital and basic computer techniques to achieve very rugged and reliable results.


Excellence: With an eye out for detail, we provide you electronic, electrical and software Services with precision and accuracy while it stands the test of time. We have made QUALITY, the bedrock of our production.

Team Work: Our products are only as durable and robust as our weakest link and that’s why at Q-tech we come together as one to raise the bar and provide you with products and services that are unrivalled.

Diversity: At Q-tech we understand that everyone from different backgrounds, cultures, and walks of life have something tangible about their experience to bring to the table. So we harness these various experiences to provide solutions to improve our product and services.

Ingenuity: Every customer has his/ her unique wants and tastes so we provide you unique and tailored product and services that meet that desire.

Continuity: Because we are all about pleasing and satisfying you our Costumers, we go beyond just providing quality products and services. We provide top-notch Technical Support consistently.

Our Vision

Q-tech’ Vision is to be Africa’s foremost Electrical & Electronics Engineering company by providing excellently tailored products and services that solve our Unique African problems while meeting both the needs and wants of our consumers at the same time.

Our Mission

Creating technology that goes beyond solving your business/domestic problems but also gives you pleasure as it meets your needs.



The Meter Asset Provider (MAP) Regulation (Regulation No. NERC/R/112), which became effective on April 3, 2018 introduced meter asset providers as a new set of service providers in Nigeria Electricity Supply Industry

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Solar Energy

The system involves storing solar energy in high capacity batteries and does not need to be connected with the electrical grid.

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Electrical Construction

We have created a strong IT network and every aspect related to project execution, from design, drawings, costing, scheduling, tracking, etc are integrated.

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Revenue Protection

Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) is an integrated system of smart meters, communications networks, and data management systems that enables two-way communication between utilities and customers

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Course content is developed by the Q-tech Academy in partnership with leading academic and industry organizations to ensure the very best in engineering training room and e-learning.

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Project Management

Q-tech provides multidisciplinary engineering, technical, and project delivery services at all phases of a project.

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