Q-Tech Nigeria Limited, Since 1990.

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Electrical Construction

Q-Tech Nigeria pioneers in Electrical Construction, providing comprehensive turnkey solutions for transmission and distribution. Our services encompass sub-stations, SCADA systems, and LV reticulation, ensuring robust infrastructure and seamless energy distribution. With cutting-edge technology and a seasoned team, we guarantee reliability, efficiency, and safety in every project, reinforcing the backbone of Nigeria's electrical framework.

Turnkey solutions

End-to-end service from design to execution, ensuring efficient, reliable electrical infrastructure development.

Advanced Technology

Utilizing the latest in SCADA systems and infrastructure to guarantee top-tier performance and control.

Safety First

Prioritizing the highest safety standards in every phase, from construction to live operations.

Skilled Workforce

A dedicated team of experts brings precision, expertise, and commitment to every electrical project.

Powering Your Solutions, Anytime, Anywhere.

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