Q-Tech Nigeria Limited, Since 1990.

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Revenue Protection

Q-Tech Nigeria elevates utility management with advanced smart AMI prepaid solutions. Our systems are versatile, offering standalone, centralized, and distributed site options, all adhering to STS and DLMS/COSEM standards. We empower utilities with reliable revenue protection, ensuring accurate billing and consumption tracking for optimized fiscal control and customer satisfaction.

Smart Systems

Innovative AMI solutions designed for accurate, real-time consumption data and enhanced revenue security.

Flexible Solutions

Customizable options from standalone to centralized systems, tailored to diverse utility requirements.

standard compliance

Our solutions rigorously comply with STS and DLMS/COSEM, ensuring global interoperability standards.

Enhanced Accuracy

Precision in consumption tracking that translates into fair billing and transparent customer relations.

Powering Your Solutions, Anytime, Anywhere.

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