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  • We are an Engineering, Procurement and Construction company specialising in Solar Energy, Transmission line injection Substation,  distribution equipment supply and installation, importation and installation of offshore machinery/equipment and provision of foreign technical expertise beyond what is available locally.



The Meter Asset Provider (MAP) Regulation (Regulation No. NERC/R/112), which became effective on April 3, 2018 introduced meter asset providers as a new set of service providers in Nigeria Electricity Supply Industry

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Solar Energy

The system involves storing solar energy in high capacity batteries and does not need to be connected with the electrical grid.

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Electrical Construction

We have created a strong IT network and every aspect related to project execution, from design, drawings, costing, scheduling, tracking, etc are integrated.

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Revenue Protection

Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) is an integrated system of smart meters, communications networks, and data management systems that enables two-way communication between utilities and customers

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Course content is developed by the Q-tech Academy in partnership with leading academic and industry organizations to ensure the very best in engineering training room and e-learning.

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Project Management

Q-tech provides multidisciplinary engineering, technical, and project delivery services at all phases of a project.

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In compliance with National and International regulations and standards.

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About Us

Our objective is to promote innovation in the design, manufacture and distribution of products and services in the field of electrical engineering through strong communication and leadership.

Our goal is to be the leader in the provision of electrical and engineering solutions in Africa, through excellence in customer service and innovation.

Our Core Values.

  •  Diversity in Teams
  •  Equality within the workforce, about 40% Women in management.
  • Since 1991
  •  Excellent Customer Relationship

Frequently Ask questions

You can if you are within the franchise zones of Abuja, Ibadan and Kano Electricity Distribution companies. You can also purchase from us if you are metering a large number of customers as long as you generating and distributing power to them. For example, a real estate might decide to provide power as a service to its residents.

Yes we do, We provide funding under the right conditions. We are able to provide equity or debt funding depending on the kind of projects and the bankable warranties available.

We have a lot of successful stories with Solar PV projects. We offer a wide range of solutions. Our solutions are carefully and precisely provided to ensure successful delivery.

Our Clients

We create technology that goes beyond solving your business/domestic problems but also give you a satisfying and remarkable experience.

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