Installation of 2x 500kva 33/.400kv transformers AT 301 ARTILLERY REGIMENT (GS)

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Installation of 2x 500kva 33/.400kv transformers AT 301 ARTILLERY REGIMENT (GS) – Gombe State

Scope of project

  • Replacement of existing damaged 500kVA transformer and Installation of a new 500kVA transformer.
  • Earthing the substations.
  • Installation of D-fuse and Lightning Arrestors.
  • Installation of gang Isolators.
  • Building Perimeter Fence.
  • Stringing High Voltage (HV) Lines.

Engineering brief of the project.

The installation of two 500kVA transformers, accompanied by a gang isolator, D-fuse, and lightning arrestors, holds immense significance in ensuring a robust and reliable electrical infrastructure.
  • Increased Power Capacity: The addition of one 500kVA transformer to the existing transformer effectively amplifies the power capacity of the system, thereby increasing the reliability of the system. This translates into the ability to meet growing energy demands and ensure continuous power supply to consumers.
  • Enhanced Flexibility: Gang isolators provide the means to isolate specific sections of the electrical network for maintenance or repair without disrupting the entire system. This flexibility minimizes downtime and operational disturbances, optimizing overall efficiency.
  • Protection: The integration of D-fuse components offers vital overcurrent protection. In the event of excessive current flow, the D-fuse disconnects the circuit, preventing equipment damage, overheating, and potential hazards. Lightning arrestors act as a shield against sudden voltage surges caused by lightning strikes or other transient events. By diverting excessive energy away from the system, they safeguard sensitive equipment from damage, ensuring continuity of service.
  • Safety: Safety is paramount in any electrical installation. Gang isolators and protective devices like D-fuse and lightning arrestors not only protect equipment but also safeguard personnel by minimizing the risk of electrical accidents, fires, and other potential hazards.
  • In summary, the installation of two 500kVA transformers, along with gang isolators, D-fuse, and lightning arrestors, serves to bolster power capacity, ensure safety, protect equipment, and optimise energy distribution. This comprehensive approach to electrical infrastructure contributes significantly to a reliable, efficient, and sustainable power network capable of supporting current and future needs. Furthermore, these installations align seamlessly with the standards set forth by the Nigerian Electricity Management Services Agency (NEMSA). Additionally, a thorough inspection of the system was undertaken, complemented by exhaustive transformer testing.


Nigeria Army
June, 2023
2 Weeks

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