Installation of 5MVA 33/11kV Power Transformer at Abogo Largema Military Cantonment BIU

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Installation of 5MVA 33/11kV Power Transformer at Abogo Largema Military Cantonment BIU -, BORNO STATE, NIGERIA.

Scope of Project

  • Replacement of the existing damaged 2.5MVA Transformer with a 5MVA Transformer.
  • Installation of a ring main unit (RMU).
  • Installation of Gang Isolator.
  • Installation of D-fuse and Lightning arrestors.
    Low voltage Network clean up.

Engineering brief of the project

Installing a 5MVA transformer alongside a Ring Main Unit (RMU), lightning arrestors, gang isolator and a distribution fuse (D-fuse) is of paramount importance in modern electrical systems. This setup holds several crucial benefits
  • Capacity Enhancement: The 5MVA transformer significantly boosts the power capacity of the distribution network, ensuring a reliable supply of electricity to meet the demands of consumers.
  • Voltage Regulation: The transformer helps maintain stable voltage levels, preventing fluctuations that could harm sensitive equipment and ensuring consistent and efficient operation of devices.
  • Isolation and Protection: The RMU provides a compact and efficient solution for isolating faulty sections of the distribution network. This enhances system reliability by minimizing disruptions caused by faults and facilitating quicker restoration. Lightning arrestors safeguard the system from voltage surges caused by lightning strikes, reducing the risk of damage to equipment and improving overall system resilience. The distribution fuse (D-fuse) prevents overcurrent situations from damaging the transformer and other components. It acts as a safety measure against short circuits and other electrical anomalies. The gang isolator enables Safe maintenance by isolating the substation from the electrical network.
  • System Resilience: The combined installation enhances the system’s resilience against unforeseen events such as lightning strikes, equipment malfunctions, or overloads. This reduces downtime and ensures continuous power supply to consumers.
  • Safety: The installation of lightning arrestors, RMU, gang isolator and d-fuse enhances the safety of both the electrical system and the personnel working with it, minimizing the risks of electrical accidents.
In conclusion, the installation of a 5MVA transformer with an RMU, lightning arrestors, and a distribution fuse plays a pivotal role in ensuring a robust, reliable, and efficient electrical distribution system. It safeguards equipment, enhances power supply quality, and contributes to the safety and sustainability of the overall electrical infrastructure. Furthermore, these installations align seamlessly with the standards set forth by the Nigerian Electricity Management Services Agency (NEMSA). Moreover, a comprehensive inspection of the system was conducted, accompanied by thorough transformer testing.


Nigerian Army
January 2023
2.5 weeks

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