Installation of 2x 500Kva 33/.400kv transformers at maimalari.

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Installation of 2x 500Kva 33/.400kv transformers at maimalari – BORNO STATE, NIGERIA

Project Scope

  • Installation of 2x 500kVA Transformers
  • Earthing the substations
  • Installation of D-fuse and Lightning Arrestors
  • Installation of gang Isolators
  • Building Perimeter Fences

Engineering brief of the project

The deployment of a pair of 500kVA transformers, coupled with a gang isolator, D-fuse, and lightning arrestors, carries great significance in establishing a sturdy and dependable electrical infrastructure.
  • Improved Reliability and Capacity: the installation of two transformers greatly improves power handling capacity. This expanded capacity not only accommodates the current energy demands of the location but also allows for future scalability. As energy requirements inevitably increase over time, having dual transformers ensures that the infrastructure can meet these escalating needs without significantly enhances power reliability and availability.
  • Heightened Versatility: Gang isolators provide a mechanism for sectioning off particular portions of the electrical network during maintenance or repair, without causing disruption to the entire system. This adaptable feature curtails downtime and operational interruptions, thereby optimizing overall operational efficiency.
  • Safeguard Measures: The integration of D-fuse components delivers indispensable defence against overcurrent scenarios. Should excessive current levels occur, the D-fuse discontinues the circuit, averting equipment damage, overheating, and potential hazards. In parallel, lightning arrestors serve as a safeguard against abrupt voltage surges originating from lightning strikes or other transient occurrences. By redirecting surplus energy away from the system, they shield vulnerable equipment from harm, thereby upholding continuous service provision.
  • Safety Emphasis: Safety is of paramount importance in any electrical implementation. Gang isolators and safeguard devices such as D-fuse and lightning arrestors not only shield equipment, but also safeguard personnel by curbing the risk of electrical mishaps, fires, and other potential perils.
In summation, the setup of two 500kVA transformers, accompanied by gang isolators, D-fuse, and lightning arrestors, serves to reinforce power capacity, guarantee safety, safeguard equipment, and optimize energy allocation. This comprehensive strategy for electrical infrastructure significantly contributes to the establishment of a reliable, efficient, and sustainable power network capable of accommodating current and future demands. Furthermore, these installations seamlessly align with the standards established by the Nigerian Electricity Management Services Agency (NEMSA). Additionally, a thorough inspection of the system was undertaken, complemented by exhaustive transformer testing.


Nigerian Army
May, 2023.
2 Weeks

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