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Sabon Birini 60kWp Hybrid Plant

Project Description

In order to provide accurate and optimal power solution at a competitive price, engineers of JV have taken time to visit the project site and have come up with the project design based on data collected.

Based on our findings the present scenario is such that: Raising fuel prices and continued deterioration of grid power supply are rapidly increasing energy costs in the area.

This calls for a very early action to reduce energy costs by adopting renewable energy (solar power) and energy storage solutions.

The objective of deploying the solar power solution with energy storage systems is “To meet the energy requirement significantly thereby reducing the energy intake from the DG/Grid, minimize /eliminate operation of DG sets for power generation”.

Sokoto State Government, Nigeria is desirous of improving the overall welfare of its citizens, thus the state is interested to opt for solar power solutions at different locations in the state.

Project Starting Date: 12.01.2020

Project End: In Progress

EPC: Protogy Global Services Limited

Project Management: Q-tech Nigeria

Consulting: Q-tech Nigeria

The JV led by PGSL will advise, design, and delivers on the best system configurations and operate and maintain the system in the most appropriate way for at least one if required by the client. We will work closely with the customer to develop and implement the project based on the energy requirement, costs, consumption profile, energy mix (grid power + DG power) space availability and restrictions, expansion plans, etc.

This Solution aimed to avoid/minimize DG Power, reduce the grid power intake by exploiting the maximum solar power and energy storage solutions.

The services under this included are:

  • Comprehensive site surveys: Conduct detailed site surveys to assess the space availability and constraints such as shadows, obstacles, roof status, etc. to identify the most appropriate area, best solar panel orientation, maximum solar power availability, location for inverters and batteries, mounting structure, etc.
  • Designing solar power solutions by using internationally renowned software and tools.
  • End to end procurement of equipment, logistics, installation, and commissioning services of the hardware and remote monitoring systems.
  • Documentation includes design documents, engineering drawings, acceptance certification, equipment specifications, manuals, operational practices, etc.
  • Comprehensive training on the system to the facility personnel on operations and regular maintenance
  • Comprehensive post-commissioning services – we have a wide service and support network across the country for services and periodic maintenance of the systems to enable the systems are working perfectly the savings are realized. The post-commissioning services included are the provision of dedicated customer care lines, web-based trouble ticketing systems, text ticketing, remote monitoring, periodic preventive maintenance services,

Remote monitoring: The solar power solutions provided by PGSL comes with remote monitoring systems that have web-based access to provide complete insight of solar power solutions with regards to performance, solar energy generation, battery performance management, alarms, fault messaging system, reports, and dashboards, etc. This can be used for validation and monitoring purposes. Implementation of the project will yield significant savings in energy costs and associated maintenance costs to the customer. Below gives the typical savings that can be achieved by the proposed systems.


Work Scope

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