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Transmission and Distribution Construction

Q-tech’s EPC division undertakes projects up-to 330 kV class of transmission lines and sub-stations including distribution lines, LV reticulation, SCADA and Metering.

We provide integrated solutions for demand site management, design, automation, SCADA communication, construction, installation testing commissioning on turnkey basis.

Our product includes Transmission lines, Distribution lines, substations, Rural Electrification, Feeder segregation and Feeder renovation. 

In the Consumer Power Distribution sector for High Voltage industrial installations, we provide engineering, procurement and construction services for building industrial power distribution networks. We undertake the renovation and augmentation of existing distribution systems through a review of the operational requirements leading to the design, re-engineering and implementation of best practices for minimising losses and making more efficient usage of electrical energy.

By offering turnkey services, we provide a single-window solution during the course of the project. We guarantee performance, fixed costs, timely execution and quality. The turnkey contract helps the customer to transfer the risks and manpower burden to us, enables more effective project management and allows the client to focus on their core business. It also makes financial planning easier and more organised, as there is transparency in all techno-commercial activities, a pre-approved billing schedule and project execution within fixed budgets. Post completion, we offer warranty for installed equipment, integration of systems and services to the main plant and the provision of comprehensive “As-Built” documentation.

Our Strategy

We have created a strong IT network and every aspect related to project execution, from design, drawings, costing, scheduling, tracking, etc are integrated. MIS figures are updated online and are available for analysis and corrective action in real-time. The materials department uses a comprehensive database of materials, inventory, specifications, suppliers and other details. The Project Execution team works with a cross-functional team, comprising of representatives from Tendering, Finance, Design and Procurement to ensure that implementation is smooth and coordinated. The execution team on site and the co-ordinator at the head office keep tabs on timelines and completion schedules using software specifically designed for that purpose.

EPC Highlights

  • Project formulation for rural electrification with the objective to ensure linkage with irrigation & development of cottage industry with complete cost-benefit analysis.
  • Design & engineering of all systems, sub-systems, equipment, materials and services including c Integration into existing systems.
  • Design, Supply Erection, Testing & Commissioning of HV Sub-stations and any support required therein.
  • Design, Supply, Erection, Testing & Commissioning of Transmission and Distribution lines up to 400KV.
  • Restoration and up-gradation of an existing substation.
  • Distribution and transmission lines.
  • Restoration, renovation and modernization of power stations.
  • To provide services on the distribution front.
  • Reduction of line losses.
  • The complete solution for turnkey projects.
  • Distribution reforms up-gradation management, to ensure quality power supply to consumer satisfaction.
  • Rationalization of tariffs.
  • Energy audit.
  • Demand-side management.
  • Reactive Power, Power quality management.
  • Condition monitoring & diagnostic maintenance.
  • Enhancing personal competencies for better consumer care.
  • Integrated spares management.
  • Customer indexing and assets coding.

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