Q-tech as a Meter Asset Provider

In a renewed bid to ensuring that electricity customers only pay for what they actually consume, the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) has approved a regulation that provides for the supply, installation and maintenance of end-user meters by other parties approved by the Commission. The regulation is expected to fast track closure of the metering gap and encourages the development of independent and competitive meter services in the electricity industry.

The Meter Asset Provider (MAP) Regulation (Regulation No. NERC/R/112), which would become effective on April 3, 2018, introduces meter asset providers as a new set of service providers in Nigeria Electricity Supply Industry. As assets with a technically useful life of 10-15 years, the regulation provides for the third-party financing of meters, under a Permit issued by the Commission, and amortisation over a period of 10 years. The electricity distribution companies, in line with their licensing terms and conditions, are obliged to achieve their metering targets as set by the Commission under the new regulation.

Q-tech can provide Meters and Metering solutions to the following distribution companies and its franchise area

  • Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company
  • Enugu Electricity¬†Distribution Company
  • Abuja Electricity Distribution Company

Our Technical Partners

Longi is a renowned company that has been in existence since 1968

The company who developed its first electricity meter in China in 1992.  Longi currently owns the meter factory in the north of China and is the only Hi-tech Company manufacturing electricity meter for more than 20 years. They have more than 40 million meters in different sites.

Longi has been in partnership with Protogy for over 5 years and has since helped Protogy to establish its own assembly factory in Oyo state Nigeria.

Protogy’s factory can deliver 10,000 meters in a month.

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