Q-tech Academy is a division of Q-tech Nigeria Limited with the responsibility of flexible and affordable capacity development. Q-tech Academy offers training resource of where engineers can access trusted, in-depth courses covering a range of technical and professional subjects.
Course content is developed by the Q-tech Academy in partnership with leading academic and industry organizations to ensure the very best in engineering training room and e-learning. Tailored for engineers at all levels, from apprentice right up to experienced senior engineer, learners gain an in-depth understanding of their specialist subject enabling them to demonstrate the most up-to-date knowledge and skills required for their role. One of our four major areas of specialization in Training and Capacity building.

We specialize in the following Training and Certifications:
• SAP (Systems, Applications and Products)
• Project Management
• Safety
• Energy and Power Systems Engineering

Achieve your CPD hours through expert, in-depth engineering courses Quickly fulfil your training needs at the point your job demands it Study at your own pace and apply what you’ve learnt to your job immediately. Have confidence that your skills are up to date Demonstrate your skills to your employer through course certification Specialist engineering courses: Course content is developed in partnership with specialists across a broad range of academic and industry sectors ensuring the content is relevant and of the highest quality enabling engineers to develop the highly specialist skills they need to thrive within their business. Topics cover a range of technical and professional areas from power systems, Project management, SAP, Productivity optimization, health and safety and environment and leadership – all specifically designed for engineers. Whether you need to bring your skills up to date in a specific topic or are looking to find a training solution for your team or company, the Protogy Academy offers expert engineering training across a broad range of disciplines. To find out more or request a free trial for your organisation contact us at, for an inquiry on our Training and Certifications, please Contact Us

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